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No government bodies regulate forensic labs

No government bodies regulate forensic labs, that should make you wonder. If DNA plays such a huge role in criminal court, why is it that there is no federal oversight? Even the best labs can make mistakes. The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology landed at the center of the high-profile case of Cynthia Sommer, a […]

Identifying the Lost Soldiers of Fromelles

Identifying the Lost Soldiers of Fromelles is a great BBC Magazine article on another use of DNA: to identify the remains of World War I soldiers found in mass graves in France. “The remains of 250 British and Australian soldiers had lain undiscovered for 93 years since falling on the Western Front.Boots, purses, toothbrushes and […]

New tip in Teekah Lewis case

New tip in Teekah Lewis case has police exploring Tacoma Park. Teekah Lewis was 2 years old when she disappeared from the now-defunct New Frontier Lanes in Tacoma on Jan. 23, 1999. Teekah was with her family in a bowling alley late in the evening. Her mother kept an eye on her except for one moment […]

Who killed Mike Silcock?

On Friday, March 6, 2009, Officer Mike Silcock from the Greater Manchester Police, was killed. Mike was off duty when he was killed on Didsbury Road, Heaton Mersey, around 11:30pm. He was taken to Stepping Hill hospital with a serious head injuries. He died shortly later. A yellow BMW Three Series M3 Coupe, registration number […]

Catching Colette Aram’s killer

How police caught Hutchinson for the murder of Colette Aram Colette Aram (Feb 3, 1967 – Oct 30, 1983) featured on the new program “BBC Crimewatch.” The program showed forensic evidence including a taunting letter Hutchinson wrote to police in which he bragged about the crime. In 1983, police managed to get fingerprints from the letter but no […]

Parole for the “Onion Field Killer” or not?

Parole for the man who killed Ian James Campbell and indirectly Karl Hettinger? He is known as the “Onion Field Killer.”  On March 9, 1963, Gregory Powell and his accomplice, Jimmy Lee Smith, drove around Los Angeles looking for a liquor store to rob. Officers Ian Campbell and Karl Hettinger were on patrol in Hollywood. […]